Book 1: Luminous (a Cassie McCool Novel)

Fourteen-year-old Cassie McCool sees garden gnomes, leaf sprites and the colors around people’s heads. The kids at school mock her and her mother forbids talk of magic. Only her father encourages her.

Sean McCool knows that  daughter is special. He can see it in her Lights. He’s raised her on the stories his Gran told him, tales of an evil Enemy, a magical Stone and the McCool clan’s alliance with a people called the Shining Ones. Fairytales and nonsense according to Cassie’s mother. But when Sean and Cassie meet the beautiful and mysterious Isabel Sinclair, strange things begin to happen.

Isabel asks Sean to help protect her farm, but something more sinister than a shady land deal is threatening Isabel. Isabel has hidden a powerful talisman on her land, and the Enemy wants it. Sean becomes drawn into an ancient fight between a heartless monster and the mysterious people of this grandmother’s tales.

When Isabel disappears, Sean tries to distance Cassie from the ever-growing danger posed by the enemy. But Cassie smells magic. Determined to find out what her father is keeping from her, she hides in his car and rides along on one of his mysterious trips to the Sinclair farm. What she witnesses in the woods that night changes her forever.

Cassie becomes swept up in an ancient struggle that turns the rural New Jersey town of Fieldsboro into a battleground for the forces of good and evil. Alone at first, and then with a handful of unexpected allies, she navigates the tangled webs of magic and myth that come to define her world.

In a zig-zag journey from gangly, bookish tomboy to a young woman in possession of true power, Cassie discovers that loyalty is worth more than gold and that sometimes love falls in your lap unbidden. The heartache and joy of family, the challenges of friendship and the drama of a high school crush weave through this tale of discovery and danger. In a world where even the most cynical are ruled by their hearts, Cassie learns to follow her own heart in order to find her way.

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An epic fantasy that’s marvelously readable. A world at once intensely real and gloriously magical. And yes, there be dragons!

-Sarah Cain, author of ‘Inferno’ and ‘Blood Angel; a Sunday Writer’s Club Mystery’

‘The Adventures of Cassie McCool put me on a wild ride, fast-moving, funny and unpredictable. Susan paints a vivid picture with words. I felt I knew the characters and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I can’t wait for the next book! Beautifully written, thought-provoking and inspiring.

-NoeLani Musicaro, founder of Figlie di Fortuna  and creator of the-Kindness-Conversations

I lost a weekend o this book…easily the most enchanted weekend in recent memory. With the language of a poet and the imagination of a Tolkein, Susan looses dragons and magic, heroes and heroines and big legendary love onto the ordinary streets of suburban New Jersey. Smart-mouthed Cassie McCool deserves to take her place next to Bella Swan and Dorothy Gale as a literary girl wonder, saving the world from otherworldly creatures. I love this book and can’t wait to lose another weekend with the next installment.

-Maria Hazen-Lewis, author of ‘My Motherlode’ and ’The Master and the Muse’

‘Luminous’, the first book in this series, is completed and as yet unpublished. Books two and three are works in progress.

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