The McCool Saga


All families have stories.

Some are stranger than others.


Imagine if your father told you that in a time before time, your forebears made an unbreakable oath with a race of mysterious people. Every night before bed from the time she was small, Cassie McCool heard tales of magic and danger that, according to her father, recounted the improbable history of Clan McCool. Magical Stones and deadly Enemies are easy for a child to believe in. But when her father’s stories begin to come true, fourteen-year-old Cassie has to choose between the life she’s been living and the one for which she’s destined.

In 1978, in the small New Jersey town of Fieldsboro, an ancient drama unfolds, pitting one young girl against a foe that will teach her the meaning of courage. For most people, growing up means giving up your belief in magic. For Cassie it means believing with all her heart. Cassie’s choices determine not just the fate of her family and her town but maybe the fate of the world. The McCool Saga begins in the distant past and hurtles us into a future marked by turbulence and change, but where the power of love still holds sway.

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The Adventures of Cassie McCool is the first book in this series. Books two and three are works in progress. As they are completed, news of them will appear here. We hope you’ll stay tuned…

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