Rates and Services

Rates and Services

Manuscript Evaluation…

a deep-read of your novel that will include on-the-page notes in conjunction with a ‘book report’ to identify any issues that present themselves as problematic. Not meant as a full edit, a read-through gives an overview of what an in-depth edit might entail.

A full manuscript edit…

line editing (spelling, grammar and punctuation), an evaluation of storyline, plot and theme(s), attention to character development and dialogue, and an overall assessment of the tone, mood and voice of the novel. A full manuscript edit would include comments on the page and in the margins, plus an in-depth point-by-point discussion of the above in the form of an Editorial letter.


Manuscript Evaluation: $300.00 (up to 400 pp. $4.00 per additional page) Full Edit; $5.00 per page (fees apply for subsequent services after revision)


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